The Game of Gifts

The Game of Gifts is the House Claus way of enabling everybody to give something because everybody should be able to say #IAMSANTA!

Please enjoy playing the game by visiting The Workshops and knowing that any purchase you make will benefit a deserving or needful child.

How to win at the game:

Every purchase is a winner because 50% of profits from sales of House Claus merchandise, whether made by Santa himself or by the licensed production elves, will be donated by House Claus to 4 charities annually that provide help to children. The list of charities may change each year.

How it works:

House Claus is NOT a non-profit organization and no part of your purchase is tax deductible. It is simply that Santa intends that any profit should be shared and that there is such a thing as enough profit beyond the cost of making things. The way this will work is just like when a fast food restaurant sponsors an evening for a local school district or a department store does a sales day where they dedicate some or all of their sales profit to be donated to a school, club, or other community benefit organization.